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Authorities concerned


Federal Public Service (FPS) for Health, Food Chain Safety and the Environment

The risk management department of the DG Environment of the FPS for Health, Food Chain Safety and the Environment is the competent Belgian authority responsible for the coordination of the tasks determined in the REACH regulation. The department is accordingly responsible for the evaluation of the substances and attending the various committees meetings of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and taking initiatives for the addition of substances subject to authorisation or to which restrictions apply.

Risk management also plays an important part in informing companies and the population. The department supports companies in the transition to REACH and informs the population about the risks of chemical substances to health and the environment.

More info at www.health.belgium.be

FPS Economy, SME, Self-employed and Energy

The national REACH Helpdesk of the FPS Economy, SME, Self-employed and Energy offers advice to manufacturers, importers, buyers and other interested parties on their responsibilities and obligations with respect to the REACH regulation.

More info: Belgian REACH helpdesk


FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue

More information concerning the protection of employees against chemical agents in general and against carcinogenic (including asbestos) and mutagenic agents can be found at:  www.werk.belgie.be, subject “Welfare at work”, “Chemical, carcinogenic and mutagenic agents



Environment Brussels

Information for companies at http://www.environnement.brussels/pro




Environment, Nature and Energy Department of the Flemish Government (LNE)

Environmental licences:

The Vlarem regulations provide for the Flemish implementation of REACH. Adaptations of Vlarem are announced on http://www.lne.be/themas/vergunningen.

The concrete implementation of REACH in Vlarem can be found at http://www.lne.be/themas/vergunningen/bestand/regelgeving/titel-ii-van-het-vlarem-pdf


The Environment & Health Support Point:

http://www.milieu-en-gezondheid.be/: information about the human biomonitoring project in Flanders


The Flemish Public Waste Agency (OVAM)

The “Definition of the waste phase” manual can be found at http://ovam.be/jahia/Jahia/pid/2509?lang=null#einde


Flemish Environment Agency (FEA)

Annual reports on the air and water quality in Flanders can be found at www.vmm.be




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